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Horde Mode Screenshots

A series of screenshot demonstrate horde mode game play
- Character posing
- 3D layout & Camera composition
- Lighting in Unreal
- Rendering in Unreal

* Thanks to the amazing teams at coalition studio for supporting the Creative Service team and myself composing shots for marketing purpose!

- Full credits -
Dan Roarty
Heber Alvarado
Daniel Bohrer do Nascimento
Michelle Zhang
Shifally Rattan

Architecture, props and textures:
Malcolm Andrieshyn
Joey Kutzer
Akio Kimoto
David Carman
Robert Goldney
Clinton Crumpler

Weapons and Vehicles:
Eugene Slautin
Evan McKnight
Ben Day
Mindwalk Studio

Stu Maxwell
Stephen Tucker
Cassie Ford
Tam Huynh
Jason Yacalis
Leo Sakaue
Sarah Mai

Sam Irwin
Sasha Dunfee

Haiwei hou art branding posting horde enemies

Horde - Enemies

Haiwei hou art branding posting horde overkill

Horde - Overkill

Haiwei hou art branding posting escalation


Haiwei hou art branding posting spectator