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The Gears 4 Art Book - COG Leader and Heroes Armored

Renders that featured in the Gears 4 Art Book
- Character posing
- Lighting in Unreal
- Rendering in Unreal

* Thanks to the amazing teams at coalition studio for supporting the Creative Service team and myself composing shots for marketing purpose!

- Full credits -

Dan Roarty
Heber Alvarado
Daniel Bohrer do Nascimento
Michelle Zhang
Shifally Rattan

Weapons and Vehicles:
Eugene Slautin
Evan McKnight
Ben Day
Mindwalk Studio

Haiwei hou artbook marcusarmored l

Marcus Armored

Haiwei hou jd armored l

JD Armored

Haiwei hou kaitarmored l

Kait Armored

Haiwei hou delarmored l

Del Armored

Haiwei hou artbook jinn l

COG Leader Jinn