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GOW4 - 2017 DLC promos TU 7 - TU 13

Marketing render for DLC character skins and weapon skins
Worked on Unreal matinee, animation, level setup, lighting, effects, rendering
Using existing Gears of War 4 assets

Collaborated with graphic designer, video editor and sound designer

Haiwei hou dlc pack frenzy 1920x1080 1

Pack Frenzy

Haiwei hou delta squx 1920x1080

Delta Squad

Haiwei hou tu12 dash 1920x1080


Haiwei hou tu12 x 1920x1080


Haiwei hou golden gears key dxp 1920x1080

Golden Gear

Haiwei hou tu11 x 1920x1080


Haiwei hou tu11 x 1920x1080

Locust Sniper

Haiwei hou engineer pack promo 1920x1080px

Engineer Pack

Haiwei hou superstarcole 1920x1080

Superstar Cole

Haiwei hou carminepack 1920x1080

Carmine Gear pack

Haiwei hou day of the dex 1920x1080

Day of the Dead pack